How To Go Green At Work

March 3, 2017 Off By Robert Scott

So you finally convinced folks at home to go green, installed energy saving electrical instruments, keeping a tab on your carbon foot print and significantly reduces energy consumption at home. What’s next? If you are pretty serious about being ecofriendly, consider making your work place green. These are few simple ways to get your officemates involved in making your office green.

Switch to eco-friendly materials

The most suitable ecofriendly way to use paper is to go eliminate the use of paper r to make your office go paperless. This cannot be pretty practical in many occasions. You will probably have to keep a copy of that invoice for audit purposes. But what you can do is, switching to recycled paper or storing electronic copies and automation of important documents. Shift to green stationary and office supplies such as reusable pencils, refillable markers pens and biodegradable cleaners. These stuff aren’t hard to find and will probably cost less than your usual office stationary items. You will be able to find a waste recycling center who will convert old documents from your office into usable notepads or envelopes.Reduce printing

Try to convince your colleagues to only take printouts when it’s absolutely necessary. Gets your team to refer to e-copies of documents. Instead of filing hard copies, store documents in a cloud so anyone could access it on their computers. Circulate meeting minutes and agendas via email before the meeting. Opt from single side printing to double side. Instead of discarding old or flawed printouts, use them as rough papers to make notes. Or consider recycling.

Turn your laptop off

Some employees are used to leaving their laptops on even after work hours and overnight, so they can pick from right where they left as they walk in to work next morning. However, this habit of leaving your computer on all night can consume serious amounts of electricity and energy. Convince everyone to shut down their computers when they walk out after work. Talk your office admin office to turning off all appliances such as photocopier and fax machine after standard office hours.

Work from home or carpool

Many organization now give their employees the option of working from home certain days a week or a month. Not only this increase job satisfaction and productivity, this can also help to reduce the carbon foot print of individual employee. Your boss isn’t a fan from working from home? Try carpooling with your colleagues, so you could reduce carbon emission by driving to office together.